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Caption Competition


  • Don't look at her tits.
  • They say my head is massive, but those are something else 
  • never mind the result .. get them beauties out for me
  • Man Utd have had their knockers this season but they’re taking the piss 
  • Dont get an erection, dont get an erection

    Ahhh shit!!
  • Dont look at her tits they said

    Keeping Norwich up would be less of a challenge!!
  • "Calm yourself down, just picture Phil Jones... Phil Jones... Phil Jones...."
  • "Do you remember when this lot had Carsley and Gravesen in midfield?  My mind just jumped to it for some reason."
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  • Chev the newest member of Charlton Life is interviewed by....... Christ.....look at the size....kin ell.
  • Proper test of self control , look at the poor fella , can't even look her in the eye and hes tied his hands behind his back , he'll go home and still get shit from the mrs for being near that sort
  • "I don't know why, but I fancy a pint of milk"
  • Oh my god, I must not get aroused,I must not get aroused, after all, he is a married man. 
  • Dead heat in a Zeppelin race.
  • If I look her in the eyes, she'll know I'm only doing it on purpose so as not to objectify her, so by looking at her Bristols I'm actually treating her like a person, not just a sex object.
  • Her:  You handled those two up front well tonight Harry!

    Harry: Oh gawd!!  💦
  • “Harry, would you feel two points slipped out of your hands today?”
  • That’s the best pairing This club has seen since Vidic and Ferdinand.
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  • She has the face of a synthetic humanoid robot.
  • She has the face of a synthetic humanoid robot.
    She’s got a face???
  • No different to you luv, we just have problems puting them way
  • Dummy interviewed by mannequin
  • I favour a hands on approach
  • Could you get that vibrator out of my face please I can’t concentrate with the buzzing. 
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