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Lucas Ness - possible patella tendon injury, due to see a specialist (p7)



  • Wonder if he is 1 of the 2 trialists that have been in the last few under 23 games
  • Club statement regarding Lucas Ness departure

    The Club is pleased to be able to announce that Lucas Ness has been offered a professional contract with Championship side Charlton Athletic Football Club and thereby his time with Met Police has come to an end with immediate effect.

    Chairman Des Flanders said ‘ The successful transfer of Lucas to Charlton is tinged with sadness for our Club. Lucas has been with us over a number of years and has developed through our Junior, Youth Reserve and First teams. His success is further evidence of our ability to develop boys to a level making them ready for the professional game.

    Because of his age and FA rules the Met were unable to sign Lucas on a contract and so were unable to demand a fee for his signature. However, we have been in discussion with Charlton over a compensation package but are entirely reliant on them recognising the time and effort that has gone into Lucas’ development. We are hopeful that a settlement will be offered which respects our position.

    We all wish Lucas every success on the journey on which he has now embarked.’
    Lucas turned 18 on 7th February and is presently studying for A level examinations in the Summer.

    Has played a few times for the U23s and clearly impressed.
  • Any relative of Eliot?
    Or Loch?
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  • Macronate said:
    I’ve heard we’re also monitoring the progress of his younger brother, Loch.
    On first glance, that’s what I thought it said! 
  • Any relative of Eliot?
    Brother of silly
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  • Probably a happy Ness right now.
  • Heard he's a bit of a monster
  • Was the super duper deal phone used for this signing?  Welcome Mr Ness.
  • Evidently, as an ex-Met Police player, he'll be known as Old Bill.

  • T_C_E said:
    Scouted by our tone no less, who keeps in touch with the Met on a regular basis! 

     I saw your mate Tone today @T_C_E

    Strangely on his Todd looking out of a window in an isolated corridor during what you'd think was the busiest time of the week.
  • Off_it said:
    If the "compensation package" doesn't meet the Met Police's expectations they will probably keep us in after the Millwall home game again.
    Slip em a £50k compensation package, and they'll kettle the Millwall fans for 2 hours after the match in April...
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  • Probably watching the real policeman out the window dreaming about what might have been if he’d been 3’ taller. 
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    Let’s hope he can arrest our slide
  • If he don't come with a Marquee...  meh!
  • And get us out of jail 
  • What position does he play?
  • Centre half
  • ross1 said:
    What position does he play?
    He's a number 999
  • Hopefully we do recognise who has developed him thus far and agree to a compensation package. 
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    Wimbledon signed a full back from Met in the summer....same sort of thing. They paid £10k to Met... but didn't have to. I'd like to think we'd do something similar and keep good relations with Met because they bring through some good youngsters that are rejected by league clubs. 
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