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2020 CL Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th Round Draw/Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 3rd Round Draw

Well, we're down to the last 16 of each competition and the draw has thrown up some intriguing ties. In the 4th Round of the Prediction Knock Out Cup, the first tie out of the hat put together two of the big teams as @tommo was drawn at home to @Bedsaddick. The last tie to be drawn out meant that the lowest ranked team left in the competition, @adrian, has a tough away tie to our new Premier League leader, @Buglehorn. There are also no fewer than five League One sides competing for a place in the Quarter Finals of the Prediction Knock Out Cup.

Less glamorous, perhaps, but the Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup has thrown up a fascinating tie between 2nd v 3rd in the Premier League as @stackitsteve faces @Addickted. @Saulc23 from the National South will be looking to upset Championship opposition when @eddieaddick comes to town.

The ties will be played over the weekend of 15/16 February with replays, if needed, the following week. Good luck to the last 32 in the Cups.

Prediction Knock Out Cup 4th Round Draw
tommo (6) [Prem] v. Bedsaddick (8) [Prem]
AFKABartram (64) [Lg1] v. Alex Wright (65) [Lg1]
SaySomething (62) [Lg1] v. blackpool72 (17) [Prem]
Hornchurch (45) [Lg1] v. cafckev (92) [Lg2]
Hamlet (33) [Champ] v. paulbaconsarnie (75) [Lg2]
meldrew66 (29) [Champ] v. Chippycafc (52) [Lg1]
56yearsofdreams (79) [Lg2] v. NorthheathAddick (105) [Nat]
Buglehorn (1) [Prem] v. adrian (109) [Nat]

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 3rd Round Draw
Macronate (42) [Champ] v. Lewis Coaches (94) [Nat]
stackitsteve (2) [Prem] v. Addickted (3) [Prem]
GoOnYouHaddocks (11) [Prem] v. BertieB (39) [Champ]
Webbja77 (63) [Lg1] v. Len\'s_little_girl (69) [Lg2]
Saulc23 (122) [Nat Sth] v. eddieaddick (41) [Champ]
Beardface (31) [Champ] v. bobmunro (50) [Lg1]
clive (81) [Lg2] v. Dippenhall (10) [Prem]
Blackheathen (66) [Lg1] v. rananegra (84) [Lg2]


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