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What website/app do you use when looking up players?

I always use transfermarkt, which I like but is a bit slow and clunky at times.

Keen to see what others use? Maybe there's something better out there.


  • TransferMarkt or SoccerBase for me - The layout for the former is slightly easier but like you say can be a bit slow at times
  • i just google their name and whatever the very first article says about them i take as fact
    So you're a Wikipedia man.
  • Wikipedia
  • Charltonlife

    Always find someone who has got a mate a work who supports Lower Saxony Rovers from the Bundesliga II (region south) and has extensive knowledge of their reserve left back that we are interested in.
  • I give @paulie8290 50p and a lb of grapes and he looks them up for me, he sometimes opens new threads about them too...
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