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Your deadline Day move

As it got removed from the other thread.

I have put it here in the fun jokes section, and only people who want to open it will do then.

So once again what is your deadline day move, instead of followers for your wage use your CL likes


  • Valencia
    For £750k

    On £10.5k
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    CSKA Moscow to Ajax.

    £40m + £1
  • Charlton life. 
    Into the Valley
    Swap for Reems

    On 6 Chips and a 7up a week 
  • Barcelona to Brest (Undisclosed) - my career is on the slide 
  • Man City to Billericay for 99p. 
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    Valencia to Galatasary for £20.00 on £4.5k

    Looks like I will be cleaning your boots there Paulie  ;)
  • Aberdeen to PSG for £30m

    A bargain at that price
  • Man City to Brest for 1m, I must be shite
  • Celtic to Real Madrid for 1p (out of contract) on £1,485,000 per year.
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  • Oh dear

    Aberdeen to AZ Alkmaar for £20 :'(
  • Celtic to Kilmarnock on loan . That’s a bit of a pisser !
  • Celtic to Juventus for £69m which makes the £150 a week pay a bit of a piss take to be honest. Feel robbed blind. 
  • Roma to Galatasaray, £999, 4.6k a week.

    Turns out I'm Steven Nzonzi!
  • sam3110 said:
    Roma to Galatasaray, £999, 4.6k a week.

    Turns out I'm Steven Nzonzi!
    Think you undersold yourself in contract negotiations, you got over 7k in likes so your wages should be more than 4.6k lol
  • Celtic to Kilmarnock  - £9m

    January window is certainly crazy....!!
  • Celtic to Kilmarnock  - £9m

    January window is certainly crazy....!!

    snap, except I've swopped sunny Valencia for dull and dreary Scotland ….
  • Roma to Juventus for a £100k. At least moving costs won’t eat too much into my three and a half grand a week.
  • Aberdeen to Qarabag (a sideways move if ever I saw one).
    1p (they was robbed)
    £11'000 (see above)  
  • Wolves to Ajax £100K fee.

    Wages 10.8 K
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  • This is so unrealistic - not a single "undisclosed" amongst us!
  • Inter Milan to Liverpool on a swap deal (with Salah presumably).

    £515 per week :neutral:
  • Celtic to Brest for £70 Million .. Brest sold the ground, the railway station and the town hall to get me and the other Brest bound lifers on here.. my wage is still in negotiation
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    Barcelona to Galatasaray for free.
  • Inter Milan to Qarabag for a whopping £69m

    Weekly wage £114 (Don't worry I got a good chunk of the transfer fee)

  • Valencia to Marseille in a swap deal.
  • Septic to Sunderland, £200m
  • Septic to Sunderland, £200m
    How much did we pay to get McGeady on loan if they can afford that?
  • Lyon to Kilmarnock on loan, understandable at my age
  • Valencia to Liverpool for £20. 

    Can't argue with the transfer fee, but no way I'd agree to join the bin dippers.
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