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Charlton Athletic - From Roland to Crisis?

With Roland gone and the excitement of a new era ESI have taken over the club, yet half way through January we seem to be terrible position.

With Conor, Kayal and Ledley leaving the club, Taylor unhappy and Bowyer yet to sign a contract, the club has quite literally come to a stand still. (on the playing side) 

In a much worse place then we actually was 1 month ago even with the injuries that we have.

I'm not blaming ESI or saying they are to blame at all. 

But Matt needs to make a decision about Bowyer, I understand contract negotiations are not a simple process, but Charlton Athletic needs to move forward, regardless of weather that is Bowyer or someone else because the clock is ticking, time is running out and our championship status is at stake. 


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Roland Out!