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Memorial game - WBA today

Hi all. As far as I know today is the annual memorial game -

I would like to ask if someone could do me a favour. My father passed away in September last year and I have emailed to ask for his name to be included. The memorial names are to be shown on the scoreboard during today’s game. 

Would someone mind filming this for me and either PMing this to me or posting on here? Due to looking after my little boy I can’t be at the game today as I was hoping. Dad was a lifelong Charlton fan (as my family all are) so I’d like to see his name on the screen if possible.

Would really appreciate someone’s help with this if someone would be kind enough to do this for me. Cheers! Ian


  • Sorry it’s before today’s game not during.
  • I'm sure someone will film it @GvsendAddick. Hopefully someone who does will see this discussion and post it after the match.
  • No worries thank you. I didn’t think of it before otherwise I’d have asked earlier, but late notice I know. I’ll ask the club if not 👍
  • There is a list in the programme, what is the name?
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  • Did anyone manage to record any of this? I have a mate who was not at the game but his dad was on the list (and confirmed in the CAFC article). I have asked the club if there is any official footage - but they have not got back to me.
  • @Ollywozere - any idea if there’s any official footage? I’m looking for the surnames beginning with R. Cheers. 
  • I can send a photo from the programme if that helps
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    I was after some footage too or a picture which is better then the one I had taken. Due to my seat being corner of north lower near the east I never managed to get a good pic with the team also present with the screen.

    my mum was on the screen surname beginning with S. if anyone has a pic or video with team infront of the screen with the S surnames I would be very thankful to have a copy. 
  • Thanks HI. 

    He already has a program. I was hoping to be nice and surprise him with a video if one existed (even though he’s a Palace fan). 

    He didn’t tell me he’s done it until after the match - so I couldn’t arrange anything in advance. 
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  • The rolling nature of the list means it must have been pre-prepared.

    Someone at the club should be able to get you a screen shot of the section you want or a complete copy.
  • Yeah - that’s what I’m hoping. 
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