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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit O - Tim Smeed

Mark out of 10 and any comment you feel necessary!

Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit O - Tim Smeed 87 votes

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1% 1 vote
5% 5 votes
9% 8 votes
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22% 20 votes
21% 19 votes
17% 15 votes
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3% 3 votes


  • cfgs said:
    The plate annoys me
    Plate? It’s the old scoreboard letters used for the perimeter half time scores in the 70s, scrubbed and shined up. Attempt at ‘retro chic’ by the owner with ideas above their station. 

    7 for dinner and I bet those letters spelt out ‘F, U, C, K, O, F, F)
  • How much stuffing does one person need?

    Also the square plate is aimed at being posh but makes it look like a microwave tray. 
  • It looks like it belongs on a bird table . 
  • Unorthodox but I quite like it. At least it's cooked which puts it well ahead of most of the others
  • edited December 2019
    I mean... everything looks the right colour so it’s already well ahead of some of the competition, but why has it been served in a bin lid?
  • Overall a good plate. Actually that's nonsense the plate is a disgrace but most of the food is good. Would have been an 8 from me had you used  roast spuds instead of the bits from the chip frier.
  • Why is there so little gravy on most of these plates? Please, won't somebody think of the children?
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  • Lacking gravy, yes, but at least it hasn't been fouly mistreated with the addition of feckin red cabbage.
    Loving the mixed parsnip/carrot delight.
    Very worriedby the lack of cutlery, alcohol or accompaniments within reach.
  • edited December 2019
    Looks like an aerial photograph of peru.
    If you look carefully you can see a flag at the top of the sausage meat range!

    I'd definitely have to eat it over a number of sittings.
     I fear the poor soul that took it on still hasn't awoken from their Christmas afternoon slumber.
  • This has torn me. 

    Everything looks cooked well but for some reason the layout and volume of food concerns me. 

    Is this served on a roasting tray? 
  • Looking at it again and my eyes went slightly out of focus and I saw a 3D shark. 
  • Could've squared that plate up with the worktop before taking the photo ffs
  • At least you wont go hungry with that meal.....although it looks like this one got last dibs on the (burnt) cauliflower.
  • Greasiest looking finger buffet ever.
  • Is this a plate of food or a box of Christmas tree decorations. Like a Woolworths pick n mix in savoury form. This person wants to please everyone and gives 7.5 out of 10 every week on the player marks.
  • By the looks of that beef you're still chewing it
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    Proportions all wrong. Why so few tatties. Looks dry. Where's the gravy? 5/10.
  • So few tatties @johnny73 ??

    youre looking about a weeks worth of food! And you want more!!

    Do you do eating challenges or something?
  • I want a better balance.  Less of everything else but more roasties.
  • What if you don’t like them 
  • This is my favourite one. I'd demolish that.
  • Now that is my size of helping!  For two meals.

    Shame about the Yorkshires.

    Shame about the diddly spuds.

    Where's the gravy?

    The plate looks like a PVC fetishist's dream.
  • Tim Sneed with the monster platter was...


    5/20 - 6.30

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