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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit C - Barnie Hurst

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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit C - Barnie Hurst 136 votes

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  • edited December 2019
    All there, but looks like it was plated up during an earthquake 
  • Looks pretty good, potentially home made Yorkshire’s too?
  • Decent plate of food.

    Sadly the contents were put in a bag for a good shake and mix before hand.
  • No idea how to present a plate, all the fundamentals are there though. 8/10.

    Potatoes look very good (pitiful amount there though), not sure what the dark strips of what looks like lamb doner are though, but gives me an idea for next year. 
  • edited December 2019
    Top notch. Feeling peckish.
    More spuds wouldn't go amiss but you'd need Alan Partridge's big-plate to get anything more on there.
  • Did they run out of gravy? 
  • Not bad apart from the birds mess 
  • Not bad at all. But sprouts are the devil's bollocks and have no place in civilised society.
  • All there, but looks like it was plated up during an earthquake 
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  • Was they having a sparrow for Christmas dinner instead of a turkey 
  • There’s a lot going on here.  The clump of whatever ‘white/bread sauce’ in the bottom right hand corner is like the red cabbage in exhibit B, you’re drawn too it 
  • Stevie Wonder levels of plating up, but the base ingredients look decent enough. 

    Not sure whether the rice pudding goes though....
  • edited December 2019
    Ok. Food looks good but Chef looks rushed...or two bottles of sherry down when he/she plated it up!
  • It's certainly the best one on here. However I'm still trying to work out if that is a potatoe croquet next to the Yorkshire.
  • Almost perfect 
  • Presume the person putting it on the plate had been at the bucks fizz and baileys all morning?  

    Or it was Christmas Day at Michael J Fox's house? 

    Gets extra marks for the bread sauce though. 
  • No place for broccoli on a Christmas dinner
  • No organisation and while the ingredients are all there, doesn't look cohesive and that white sauce looks a bit like white coloured diarrhoea
  • 5/10.

    To much "stuff" and not enough meat.

    At least there was no Yorkshire puddings I suppose 
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  • It's a dizzying array of culinary messiness to confuse the palate as much as the eyes. I have scored highly out of a sense of pride the visually impaired member of the family seems to have vomited most of the meal on the plate 
  • se9addick said:
    Looks pretty good, potentially home made Yorkshire’s too?
    Well, if was shop bought, it needs taking back
  • Looks like a decent, traditional meal to me - everything well-cooked but just lacking a little bit of flair. The veg isn't over or under cooked, but doesn't appear to have had anything done to it, such as honey-roasting the carrots. Looks like a good Yorkshire pud though.

    Presentation also lets it down slightly, chef is clearly not an Instagramer. Nothing to be ashamed of here though, a solid effort.
  • Deffo the best we’ve seen. Bet the table looked great. Presentation on the plate doesn’t disguise the fact that these ingredients look first class and home made. Bet there’s a great pile of turkey underneath everything else. 
  • The name did it for me although Barney is the more common version - the more unique (not weird) version is of course Barnie..
  • Can only presume the creator of this mess was Muhamed Ali. Would still eat tho.
  • Dreadful presentation.

    Yorkshire pudding again?  What is this with the Yorkshires, you people?

    Are those tinned carrots I see before me?
  • It’s a decent effort for 5 quid a serving in a Toby carvery 
  • Barnie Hurst with the plated on a boat entry was...


    4/20 - 6.40

  • And it was gorgeous. Best one for years. 👍
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