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Dear Charlton fans,

I'd like you to do yourself a nice internal favour and give yourself a pleasant boost.

Mentally take yourself back to January 2019. 

Re-live how you felt in regards to your football club...Charlton Athletic.

It probably wasn't really the greatest feeling in the world. We sold Grant...we felt negative. We were frustrated and mentally lost in regards to our club and football in general.

The players, manager and coaches still faught very hard and they turned it all around.

1) We beat Sunderland at Wembley...which was absolutely dramatically historically unbelievable. (semi final was too!)

2) We started the 19/20 championship season extremely well....which enabled us to have enough  points for if and when our form heavily dipped (which it has due to injuries)

3) Lee Bowyer, who is now a true Charlton legend.

Has taken so much harsh offensive nonsense from Roland.
He has handled it really well and been unbelievably professional and passionate for our club...even though it's his 1st managerial job.

We still have some important Christmas games coming up, but I personally think 2019 has been one of charltons best ever years and it won't ever be forgotten about.

It's an absolute enormous turn around. 

4) The main big news....the much needed take over which is a huge lovely relief.

I think our fans have been fantastic. In a lot of different ways. 

Well done 🙂 
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Roland Out!