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Charlton Live - PODCAST AVAILABLE - Takeover and Sheffield Wed game - Bowyer/CAST interviews

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Listen live via our website here - or if that doesn't work, via the tune in website here - - or via the Tune In app on your mobile phone/tablet.

Join us live at 7pm or via the podcast afterwards as discuss the exciting news of the takeover at The Valley. We'll hear Lee Bowyer's thoughts on the regime change, speak to Steve Clarke from the Supporters Trust and also hear from fans outside the ground yesterday. We'd like to know what you think about the latest developments and what changes you would like the new owners to implement at the club. We also look back at the 3-1 defeat against Sheffield Wednesday. 

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  • I know the takeover hasn’t actually happened till the EFL approve, but I went to my first game at the valley yesterday since the boycott. I just couldn’t stop smiling, and didn’t really care about the result. What a happy day!
  • Hoping the future stops us flogging our best players below value and having long term decision making strategies in place. Not expecting us to £10million on players, but to be sensible enough to keep the like of Aribo, Bauer & Grant at the club.

    Stick Bowyer, Jackson and Taylor on proper contracts and allow us to grow into become a force in this division.  
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    Surely, surely the takeover has to go through?

    Friday was like where were you when Kennedy was shot moments ( I wasn’t born) the sense of relief, shock and emotion is still sinking in.

    Theres a lot of things that need fixing at our football club, I really hope these guys can do it, and bring the club back together again.

    Any news on unfair players returning?

    And Just out of interest 6 games to play in December, 3 at home and 3 away, how many points do you think we’ll pick up?

  • Any news on what Matt Southall had to say yesterday & I hope the reception that he received in crossbars was appreciated. Been really impressed by Alfie Doherty the last few games - do you know what length contract he has?
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    Thursday night I went to bed with the thought we were facing Sheff Weds Saturday with practically a whole team out, feeling depressed  about the injuries (not the effort of the players), wanting for us to be sold. Woke up just after 9am Friday with a text from a friend to say we have been taken over by East Street Investments. My first thought was "interesting name, Muir knows the history" and then to be told Arabs. I had tears in my eyes, tears of joy. I immediately thought I don't give a bleep about Sat now. We have got our old Charlton back.  I couldn't stop smiling in the next 24hrs. Went to see Magic Motown Fri night and enjoyed that.  Waking up Sat felt similar to when we got back to the Valley in December 1992. The dawn of a new era. Ever since Fri morning it has sunk in that Bows will stay, no worries there. We can look to sign Cullen (as long as Cullen wants to come). We don't have to sell the likes of Doughty ever again (unless a big club come in for him), let players go for nothing or cheap. It was so lovely to see so many happy faces again around the Valley. Came away positive in that, yes for the next 4 weeks it is going to be tough but will sign players in Jan. Been a supporter since 1986 and my god we deserve to have new owners like this. Finally a special praise to each and everyone of us, to the boycotters, to the protesters who got off theirs arses to go to Belgium etc, to Bowyers and all the Management team and supporters alike who have got behind this team, THANK YOU and enjoy the ride ahead. 
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    Looking forward to tonight's show. At long last we have some good news and (once hopefully cleared by the EFL) can dream again. Where we go from here is anyone's guess. 
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