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I wonder if Bowyer knew....

- It’s clear he was very close to the Cardiff job and I can’t in a million years think they chose Harris over him.

- The very open stuff said publicly about his and his staffs contracts over the last fortnight is at odds to how he’s previously been when talking with the media, where he always said about just getting on with the football stuff and it is what it is.

i now wonder whether the contract stuff was being directed at Roland or not. 


  • I don’t think he was close to the Cardiff job at all - I think they just threw his name out there as a diversion.
    I’m not sure. Not sure if you saw the Sky production around the game last week, it’s clear from the Charlton perspective (Minto etc) he had been engaged with them. When interviewed Bowyer was clearly unnerved and just uncomfortably kept saying ‘I’m still here’
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