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Iain Sutherland RIP

Best known as one of the Sutherland Brothers and Quiver.

With the other sad deaths today the term "the 27 club" takes on a different meaning.


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    RIP. Peculiar, I only mentioned to my wife a couple of days ago that I really loved "Lying in the arms of Mary".
  • First artists to record " Sailing", the band were spotted by  Rod Stewart's girlfriend on TOGWT.
    Rod recorded the song while sober (unusual at the time), and the rest is history.

  • Saw The Sutherland Brothers supporting Free at the Royal Albert Hall in 1972 (I think). Second gig I ever went to; I had free tickets in the Royal Box!

    Hope he made a lot of money from Sailing.


    (Must be a record day for RIP threads.)
  • Lying in the Arms of Mary is a brilliant song. R.I.P. What an awful day yesterday was, hope that's it for a while.
  • another comparatively 'young' man … as Lowell George wrote .. 'it's those rock n roll hours give you graves without flowers' .. R I P Iain
  • RIP - sad news - only bought their boxset last week - so been listening to them a lot this week. ‘Slipstream’ is my favourite but they will be remembered for ‘sailing’ and ‘arms of mary’
  • 'The lights shine down the valley' . Always remind me of night matches.  
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