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Fans demand URGENT action as things at the club are now in a severely desperate state



  • Boo fucking hoo, my heart bleeds.
  • First world problems, eh?
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    cafcpolo said:
    Boo fucking hoo, my heart bleeds.
    Was ready to give you so mucu abuse thinking it would be about Macclesfield - Should have known better
  • Spot the finger
  • I assume they need a Soft Tissue Therapist to wipe their poor arses for them? 
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  • I assume they need a Soft Tissue Therapist to wipe their poor arses for them? 
    I assume they've had to recruit an assistant kit manager, because, without one, who would get the kit manager's kit ready? 
  • Fucking hilarious 
  • Comedy gold
  • Stig said:

    I have no ill-feelings towards Arsenal or any of their fans, but I do absolutely hate the weight of expectation from fans of big clubs. Three FA cup wins in five years. Fans of most clubs can only dream of maybe winning it once, let alone every other year. Meanwhile, Charlton fans would be happy if we'd won that many FA cup matches let alone competitions. 

    For this reason I will not feel the slightest sorrow if they never win another thing again.

    This. Notwithstanding of European Football every year (including a final last season) one of the best stadiums in Europe and being able to spend £72m on one player. My heart bleeds for their poor little souls. 
  • I feel their pain --------- long long may in continue
  • Has an online counselling service been set up to deal with their anxiety issues? 
  • Arsenal fans should complain to Sky to get the situation put right.

    After all, that's where they most of them watch their football.
  • Ahahahahahaha.

    Poor old Arsenal. I remember last season hearing "literally it can't get any worse," because they were fifth. Clearly they are entitled to three points very game because they pay so much for tickets. 
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  • It must be heartbreaking seeing your team slip from 3rd every season to 5th in the worlds best league, even worse from your armchair, is there a crowd fund page I can donate to??
  • I didn’t even need to open the link to guess who it was. 
  • Chizz said:

    Sir Chips Keswick - Chairman 
    Vinai Venkatesham - Managing 
    Ken Friar OBE 
    Lord Harris of Peckham 
    Stan Kroenke 
    Josh Kroenke 
    Head of Football - Raul Sanllehí
    Technical Director - Edu Gaspar 

    Coaching staff 
    Head Coach-  Unai Emery
    First Team Assistant Head Coach - Juan Carlos Carcedo
    First-team coach - Pablo Villa
    Assistant first-team coach - Freddie Ljungberg
    Director of High Performance - Darren Burgess
    Head of performance - Shad Forsythe
    Strength and Conditioning Coaches - Julen Masach and Barry Solan
    First Team Senior Physiotherapist - Chris Morgan
    First Team Physiotherapists - Paulo Barreira and Jordan Reece
    Goalkeeping Coaches - Javi Garcia and Sal Bibbo
    Club doctor - Gary O'Driscoll
    Data/Video Analyst - Victor Manas
    Senior Football Analyst - Ben Knapper
    Data Scientist - Mikhail Zhilkin
    Soft tissue therapist - Takahiro Yamamoto
    Masseurs - Darren Page and Anthony Stuart
    Rehabilitation Coordinator - Tim Parham
    Kit manager - Paul Akers
    Assistant kit manager - Will Jones
    First Team Analyst - Mark Curtis
    Sport Scientist - Tom Allen
    Performance Nutritionist -Richard Allison 
    That explains where they're going wrong

    And the senior football analyst is asleep all the time. 
  • Oh my dayz blud. What's Troopz got to say about this? 
  • Piers Morgan was boasting how he got Wenger out and Emre in wasn't he? :)
  • Thoughts and prayers.
  • Can you imagine what they would be like if they had a few seasons like Charlton and Sunderland have had. I would love it
  • Hilarious. 
  • You can't make this stuff up!
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