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Arriving late tomorrow

There is a chance that me and the wife are going to have to attend a medical appointment tomorrow which we won’t know if or when till the morning.

There is a chance it could result in a late dash and missing kick off. Can you still rock up and get it at say Half time or later?

I’ve left or been chucked out early but never arrived so late, so unsure if there may be issues?


  • Before half time generally you are fine away, at home I've bowled in with 10 minutes left and been let in 
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    They don't let you in if you are later than 30 mins BEFORE the kick off.  Fortunately, i am after a couple of tickets so will buy them off you and save you losing the cash. 😀
  • By that time you'll know we are 3-0 down & wont even need to go in. 
    Get back on the Internet dating thread, you're good fun on there.
  • The team will probably turn up about ten past five, so you shouldn't have any worries mate... 

    PS - Hope all is well? 
  • On the train up now. Probably be wishing we’d had the appointment, in a few hours time.

    Fertility related P, cheers.
  • I wouldn't worry about arriving late and missing some of the match, as the kindly officials and police will then keep us in afterwards to make up for the time in the ground you lost
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