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Charlton Referenced Plaques

I happened to be in the Newlands Day Surgery Unit Queen Mary's Sidcup the other day. While at the reception desk I noticed the commemorative plaque on the wall, in recognition of the official opening of this unit.

The wording said that Eddie Youds of Charlton Athletic FC Team officially opened the unit back in 2000. I wondered if anyone else has spotted any other such plaques where Charlton Athletic Staff carried similar events and are still on display.


  • I think there is one down Mcdonalds at Charlton.
  • McDonalds in Canning Town has one to commemorate the morning Lee Bowyer was there.
  • What about the Richard Rufus wing of the new FCA building in Canary Wharf?
  • There is a cafc bed plaque at the Memorial Hospital.

    The club played a big part in fund raising for the then new hospital in the 1920s.
  • And obviously there are the plaques to Fred Chick, Jim Mackenzie, Nobby Nightingale, Geoff Reynolds and Keith Palmer, all put up by the museum, at the Valley
  • Apparently there is one on the moon to mark the spot where Nicky Bailey's penalty came to rest.
  • Nice Millwall plaque here....

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