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I think I might owe Oggy an apology

In the now closed match thread I snarked at him for commenting on Millwall throwing away a 2-0 lead at Brentford. I thought he was referring to Brentford's 88th minute equaliser, that several people had already mentioned, but having just seen the final results it turns out Brentford got a 94th minute winner, so he might have been talking about that. Sorry Oggy.
On the other hand, if he posted just before that had happened, I'll just use this an excuse to point and laugh at Millwall for being 2-0 up with less than 10 minutes to go and losing 3-2. :-)


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    Wasn't it Stan Laurel who first said, "I'm sorry, Oggy".....?

    I'd hate to think of you consumed by guilt, Alli - but I had best 'fess up that 'twas only the Brentford equaliser I commented on - which crossed with other posters.

    But lets all laugh at Millwall together! :smile:

  • "Oggy oggy oggy ...oink oink oink"

    Have you by any chance heard from oggy?

    That was oggy just now
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