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Fundraising for CACT

Hello all
I have been taking part in the Royal Parks 10k series to fund raise for Charlton Athletic Community Trust and have pledged to raise a minimum of £150, though I would like to raise more for such a great charity.
This Sunday, 20th October is the third and final leg of the series and is taking place at Greenwich Park. Much as I would like some vocal support from hordes of fellow Addicks along the route, I will happily settle for a bit of sponsorship and a decent sum raised for CACT. This is where I hope you lot come in, and for a sponsorship of £5, I am making a competition of it.

Thanks to the wonderful @Tracey at the club, there will be a signed shirt and football by the current players, plus a few other Charlton goodies (anything going spare at the museum?) as a prize to the person whose prediction of my finishing time is closest to my official race time (From when I cross the start line to when I cross the finish line). To enter, please follow this link and sponsor me, giving your CL name so I know who has donated. Then post your prediction on this thread. More than one prediction is allowed so long as you don't mind coughing up a fiver each time for this deserving cause. I will come up with a tie-breaker if two or more of you come equally close.

To give you a bit of help, I have a recent form guide below.

22/07/19. 5.25km run, 30m 40s. Flat course, hot day. Kept going throughout without a breather. 5.5 minutes per km. 10.20 km per hour
24/07/19. 7.6km run, 45m 49s. Hilly course, warm evening. Struggled up the hills, stopped a few times. 6.03 minutes per km. 10 km per hour
28/07/19 10km run, 56m 56s. Flat course, warm day. Set off at a decent pace but slowed to a walk about five times. 5.42 minutes per km. 10.50 km per hour 
30/08/19. 7.74km run, 45m 19s. Fairly hilly course, warm afternoon. Another stop start run. 5.51 minutes per km. 10.27 km per hour
25/09/19. 8.62 km run, 49m 31s. Another fairly hilly course on a mild afternoon. Another stop start run struggling to catch my breath. 5.44 minutes per km. 10.47 km per hour
13/10/19. 6.53 km run. 37m 16s. Slightly hilly course on a mild evening. Good pace on a downhill start but struggled as soon as I started going uphill. 5.42 minutes per km. 10.52 km per hour.

I'm planning on two more runs before Sunday. I expect the course will be pretty hilly. I'm also going for a few drinks after the game on Saturday.  :open_mouth:


  • Email us at the museum.

    We have some framed photos

    [email protected]
  • Donation made , good luck with the runs , il go for 60 mins ( il inbox you my details)
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    I am also running for CACT at Greenwich on Sunday. Haven’t ran 10k since the last one in September but look out for me in my red vest and cat leggings!   Hoping to go for a run either tonight or tomorrow 5-7k
  • Shrew said:
    Donation made , good luck with the runs , il go for 60 mins ( il inbox you my details)
    With that donation, you're allowed four guesses. Many thanks @Shrew
  • kimbo said:
    I am also running for CACT at Greenwich on Sunday. Haven’t ran 10k since the last one in September but look out for me in my red vest and cat leggings!   Hoping to go for a run either tonight or tomorrow 5-7k
    Nice one @kimbo. Apparently there are eight of us signed up for this
  • So only one person has guessed a time so far, although a healthy ninety quid has already been donated. The shirt and ball have been signed by the players at the training ground yesterday and there will be other club related goodies for the winner.
    I went for a run last night and managed just over six miles in just over 57 minutes, taking a route that was probably more hilly than it'll be on Sunday. On that showing, I will do well to finish in under an hour, especially if I drink too much cider at the River on Saturday night!
  • Well so far, Shrew, with his guess of 60 minutes on the dot, is going to be the winner, but charity (in particular Charlton Athletic Community Trust) isn't. They rely on support and donations from events like this to keep doing the amazing work they do in our local community to improve the lives of a wide range of people at a time when local authorities have very limited resources to do so. 
    They have also gone a long way towards maintaining Charlton's reputation as a friendly community club despite the trail of destructive turmoil caused by our owner and his stooges. 

    CACT is something to be proud of as a Charlton fan. This time three years ago it was just about the only thing to be proud of. To ensure it continues to deliver it's award winning services, it needs our financial support. This run is one of many opportunities to show that support, but it's the only one with a pretty decent prize offered as a reward for backing CACT. 
    Have a look at the work they do. Some of you may not realise the extent of it.
  • Great effort @foresthillred

    Bound to be a few long climbs on the course, nevertheless I reckon you'll do 57mins 22secs
  • Nice one John, and thanks for your sponsorship too.
    It's going to be chilly when we get going at 9.30. Warm my cockles with a donation (and a guess of my finishing time) to our wonderful Community Trust.
  • Chilly you say? Might make you run faster
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    56 minutes and 34 seconds was my time, so @Big in Brasov is the winner. I'll be collecting the prizes at the Valley on Sunday. I ended up £110 short of my fundraising target for CACT, I guess due to fundraising fatigue in these parts, so I will pay in the shortfall on Sunday (Thank f**k I had a decent pay day last month!).
    Many thanks to @Shrew and @Big in Brasov for their donations, also to Annabel Upson and the @CACT team for their support.
  • Popped in a tenner to help towards the target.
  • Nice one @Stu_of_Kunming, much appreciated
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