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Garry Nelson on Talksport now

Nelson on Talksport discussing his book 'Left foot forward'.


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    Read Left Foot in the Grave for the second time on holiday. His two books are up there with the best about football. R.I.P. John Gittens.
  • Was there a specific reason why he was talking about a book which came out well over 20 years ago?
  • Met him a couple of times.

    Found him a delight to talk to, approachable and humble. 
  • I met him once after a game. He was exactly what you say. My recollection of him was a useful striker who always gave 100%, but when you read the appraisal of himself if was a bit self effacing. He was a more than decent player.
  • Book Review on Talksport, this one was looking at Nelson's contributions, listened in car good on route somewhere, interview by reviewer and then Mr Nelson himself.
  • Rob7Lee said:
    He's a top top fella, spent a lot of time with him on the London to Amsterdam ride, really down to earth as you'd expect. He may not have been one of the most prolific strikers we've ever had but he was always 100% committed and the team around that time remind me very much of the team now, collectively much better than the individual parts.
    Top fella and player, great bit of business by Curbs bringing him and Gatting in from Brighton
  • Bit weird to be reviewing it now that copies are as rare as rocking horse poo. 
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  • He was in front of me in the queue to get into Wembley Park station after the play-off final.

    Not sure he joined in the allez allez allez choruses though:-)
  • Met him on a golf stag weekend in Le Toquet,Lovely man,really enjoyed some of his stories about his football career,he loved Charlton.
  • He is an Everton fan.
  • He’s a real gent.
  • Lovely bloke. Met him a few times over the years.

    Always finds a few minutes to chat to fans. Went out of his way to send Charlton programmes to my boy when he was young. Made his day when one arrived in the post with a little personal note to the lad.

    Last time I met him was when he was a guest of honour at Plymouth Argyle.
    He's a big favourite at Argyle too.

  • One of my early favourite Charlton players.
  • Always put in a good shift in a Charlton shirt, couldn’t be faulted for his effort and work rate.
  • And, a very good book
  • Rob said:
    And, a very good book
    One of Dad's favourite players, Rob. 

    He ran and ran for the team 
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  • Rob said:
    And, a very good book
    One of Dad's favourite players, Rob. 

    He ran and ran for the team 
    His name is Garry.
  • I concur about the nice guy bit. He visited our bar over here with a bunch of other veterans in 2006 and a few of us went out to dinner together. Bumped into him in 2018 at a match and he remembered it well. 
  • Rob said:
    And, a very good book
    Correction, two very good books. You can still get them on ebay if anybody hasn't read them.
  • Top bloke. Got us in the players bar after a Friday night pre season friendly against Exeter in the early 90’s.
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