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Valley Atmosphere

I’ve said it before, but the atmosphere down the ground the last year or so is the best as I can ever remember in my 30-odd years going. 

I was North Upper since it was built up to a couple of years ago and have since retired to the sides. In the NU it always feels like it’s the best atmosphere ever, but I genuinely don’t think we ever made noise in the big Prem years like we are nowadays. The side stands used to rhythmically clap along but they never used to properly join in like now. 

The Doncaster play off game I don’t think will ever be beaten for atmosphere, but from Sunderland in early Jan on there’s been plenty of L1 / Champ league games that it’s been electric. 

That “Lee Bowyer’s red and white army” in the last five minutes was awesome. 

I can’t measure how sad this probably is, but Im 43 years old and I can’t think of much in life that gives you a buzz as much as the Valley proper rocking when we are winning. 

Am I going OTT? Am i getting it wrong about the Prem years?


  • It’s decent now more consistently than before  , I think Ipswich play off 98 was mental but I was 12 pints under so could be wrong .

    i’d like us to be getting behind the team without needing a goal or incident to get us going but that’s me dreaming of 20k mad passionate fans who are up for it like ourselves but that’s never gonna happen clap clap clap , siddarn, pass the blanket 
  • Definitely best ever ! Have been a regular since ‘singing/chanting’ started in the 60’s ...sore throat today after yesterday’s efforts 
  • Yeah prem years I was offski before full time. We don't leave until whistle now as little fella wouldn't allow it. 

    Queue im stuck in fckin traffic still at 6pm near Kidbrooke. 

    Joke the traffic  I sued to be indoors at falconwood by 5.15.
  • It's easy to celebrate beating huge teams like Liverpool, this season is something else.
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  • _MrDick said:
    The Donny match ... I was in the West Upper nearer the Donny fans than the Cupboard End and the noise was deafening. I was trying to talk to the missus and I could barely hear her. Never experienced anything like that at the Valley. Electric 
    Don't suppose you have got a tape of that, that I could borrow?
  • That  Doncaster game was electric
    Still makes the hairs on neck stand up thinking about it
  • Yes , time flies.
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  • When you put it like that, it is truly laughable. 
  • Going to get shit on for this, but I am afraid I disagree.
    It appears to me that what is sung at Charlton is pretty much the same as many other grounds, give or take.
    Maybe I am getting old, but some of the songs that were sung in the old covered end were songs that were not repeated throughout other clubs.
    As for best atmosphere, anyone who tells me that listening to the monks chant or a packed old den can be replicated at Charlton had never visited New Cross.
    Had some great atmospheres at Charlton (usually night games), but occasion against occasion, that lot down the road take some beating regarding atmosphere.

  • Doncaster at home in the playoffs is the loudest The Valley has been since I’ve been going (1992)

    Stood the entire game in the East Stand - it’s unheard of! 
  • Just to add, to get anyone to clap along to create an atmosphere in the west stand should be considered a result, at least it used to be.
  • Woke me up when the bloke next to me started singing, bet he tries to share my blanket when it gets cold. 
  • Accrington at home last season gets fogotten about, but that has to be the best smallish crowd Valley atmosphere ever. 
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