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Best wishes to Hull defender Angus MacDonald

Been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Early stage so here's hoping he makes a full recovery. Poor guy hasn't had much luck, had deep vein thrombosis last year and a blood clot at 15.


  • Horrible that , wishing him all the best and a full recovery 
  • Awful news wish him all the very best in his recovery 
  • Horrible that , wishing him all the best and a full recovery 
    Agreed.  Speedy recovery and best wishes to him.  The other side of football we sometimes don’t see as a result of the money swilling around.  
  • Good luck to him, early stage so hopeful he will be ok and recover.
    I was watching something the other night on TV and i swear it said 1 in 2 of us will get cancer? I may be wrong well hope i am wrong as it dont sound right
  • All the very best to you young fella.
  • Totally agree...hope all goes well.
  • Bloody Hell,he's been through the mill a few times health wise..All the best and a speedy recovery Angus.
  • Good luck to the fellow. 
  • very young to have Bowel cancer, the earlier 'blood problems' won't have helped .. the chances are he will make a full recovery, especially as the cancer has been found in early stage .. all the best Angus
  • I see that his girlfriend is Alexandra Burke.
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  • Best wishes to him and  hopefully a speedy and full recovery
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