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Bolton 2019/2020



  • An interesting development, the punishment did seem really lenient to me

    The EFL will appeal against the "lenient" suspended points deduction given to Bolton Wanderers over unfulfilled fixtures. 
    Very poor decision. They called off a game they would almost certainly lose. Now they have a bigger squad and might get something from it. It could be the difference between getting relegated or not. 

    If they’d awarded the game to Doncaster it wouldn’t be so bad. Also, it was their second unfulfilled fixture after calling the Brentford game off last season. 

    If the only punishment is a suspended points deduction and some cash, why not have us call off Saturdays game, take the fine and then schedule it when Lyle and the midfield are all fit. 
    This. You can't go round cancelling games just because & then hope to have then re-scheduled when you might be in a better position player wise.

    Usually if you don't fulfil a fixture it is deemed that you lost it 3-0. That is what should happen in this case.

    See they got their come uppence this afternoon. 7-1 drubbing at mighty Accrington. 
  • Totally agree, absolutely bizarre decision, especially as they've cancelled games twice.

    At the very least the game should be awarded to Doncaster.

    Now there's a chance they could actually get 3 points from a game they would've got none from and are lucky they didn't get -3 from.
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