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City Breaks Advice

Hi All,

I'm looking to take my wife away for her 30th birthday at the end of March and I've drawn a blank! I was thinking maybe Rome or Berlin but would appreciate some advice. We don't mind a bit of site seeing etc and are ideally looking for somewhere with nice food and decent place to stay. Any suggestions? Thanks 


  • Scandanvia in the Spring is fantastic although expensive booze & food, 2 examples; Oslo great city on the coast, quality restuarants, architecture, walks & museums, Helsinki very similar.
  • Granada is nice (Alhambra); Madrid has lots to do and is good walking city; Seville also plenty to do but the city is a bit more spread out. All have good food and weather should be OK then.

    Naples is nicer than Rome IMO and has loads to do (Sorrento, Vesuvius, Pompei, Herculaeneum, plus the local islands). Rome will be full of tourists! We also very much liked Cagliari and that's a good place for a 3-night long weekend.

    Berlin may still be quite cold at that time of year...
  • For something different
    Riga. Small enough to see it all and you can splash out on the best meals at a fraction of the price of standard city breaks.
    Gdansk also great.
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    I’m spending a couple of weeks travelling around Croatia and can definitely recommend Split. If she likes culture and history then the place is like a giant museum, good nightlife (Croatian beer and wine is surprisingly excellent) and pretty cheap compared to other European cities. Under 2 hours flight from London, BA and EasyJet fly there (possibly Ryan Air). Impeccably clean. Weather should be getting decent at that time of year too. 

    Also, I’ve never seen a city more passionate about its football club (Hadjuk Split) than that place - you see murals dedicated to the team everywhere, you might even catch a match if you time it right! 
  • Italy is spoilt for choice. Rome is magical, as is Florence - and there's always Venice as well.

    For the UK, York takes some beating. 

  • Krakow or Prague
  • Might sound random, but: Marrakech.  Flight is shorter than you think (3 and a bit hrs).  Went there at Easter couple of years ago for a few days.  Agreeable weather, some superb food and different culture.  Staying in a Riad in the medina and the level of service was out of this world.
  • Not sure if its close enough but Istanbul is amazing.
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  • Prague was superb when me and my missus went a few years back
  • Another vote for Barcelona here and one for Copenhagen too.
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    Salzburg is certainly well worth the visit

    Would recommend Copenhagen and Rome though

    Plenty to see and do there!!
  • So many places. 

    Lisbon, Budapest (cheap), Dubrovnik?

    Italy is brilliant. if you go to Florence you can also do Pisa. 
  • Some of these places will still be cold at that time of year - go somewhere warmer!
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    Cardiff on 21/03, 3pm KO.
  • Krakow or Zagreb
  • If your missus likes a bit of history.....then Rome cannot be beaten IMO. It's like taking a holiday in a museum.

    By far the best Capital city that I've been to in Europe.
  • Barcelona. Went last October and loved it.
    Metro really good. Plenty to do. 
  • Rome full of history but personally find it a dirty shit hole. Venice too crowded. Berlin OK. Prague and Budapest are great. Cluj Napoca in Transylvania Romania (ignore the fascist Farage) is a little gem with very friendly people and they nearly all speak English, good night life plus you can go down a massive salt mine.
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  • Amsterdam, Edinburgh, San Sebastián, Paris, Venice
  • I have just come back from Seville for my Wifes 30th - the city is amazing, and the food is excellent! Would highly recommend. 
  • Prague was superb when me and my missus went a few years back
    Yeah, but now we've had enough of you lot...:-)
  • Prague was superb when me and my missus went a few years back
    Yeah, but now we've had enough of you lot...:-)
    Been about 25 years since I was last there ... can't believe the crowds in those pictures, it used to be so relaxed. 
  • If either of you are veggies Italy is a pretty safe bet.
    I loved Florence when I went there many years ago.
  • Anyway, Berlin is my favourite choice, any excuse to visit right now, meeting up there in November with @rikofold for Bruce Hornsby concert.

    I love Vienna too. But Graz is also well worth considering if there is a direct flight from London.

    And we liked what we saw of Lisbon, although we were staying with friends outside the city. Or in France, I'd go for Bordeaux. Also heard La Rochelle is great, direct flights from London (but maybe not at that time, and there certainly was an Addick with a BnB place there.)
  • If you don’t mind a bit of cold weather, Tallinn in Estonia is a lovely place for a weekend. 
  • Aside from the obvious big cities, I really like San Sebastian, Cadiz, Bologna, Lyon, Bruges, Copenhagen
  • My top 5 in Europe are:
    1. Budapest 
    2. Barcelona
    3. Ljubljana
    4. Prague
    5. Krakow
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