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Lost phone yesterday at Reading

I know it’s a long shot but yesterday at the game my nephew lost his iPhone 7 at the ground, it is black with a Charlton case in it (engraved logo).

Has anyone on here picked it up?


  • I haven’t, but I really hope you can get it back, might be worth emailing reading fc, and also maybe putting a block on calls, hope you can get it sorted out.

    My missus lost her Oyster card,in the excitement of celebrating a goal yesterday, didn’t realise she’d lost it until a kind gentlemen in front of us handed it back to her, thank you kind sir! Would have caused all sorts of hassle on the way back.
  • Someone left a phone on one of the shuttle buses back after. 
  • My son also claimed to have lost his wallet when he got to the bar to buy a round of drinks, until he realised he’d left it at home (nice trick son!).
    I don’t realise you were @ElfsborgAddick ‘s Dad. 
    Tbf I have pulled that stunt (often)before.
  • What a lovely outcome, so nice when that happens.
  • A friend of mine lost his smartphone at a bar last week. He suspected one of the whores hanging at the bar had pocketed it. He rang the number and a whore he knew answered. She denied ever having seen his cellphone.
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  • Emailed Reading FC yesterday, Sandra from the main reception has just called and they have found his phone and it is in lost property, all we have to do is arrange to collect it. 

    Another great result at the Madejski Stadium  :)
    Great result as well as the game! I will be in Reading this weekend and could collect it for you? I live in Greenwich in the week and work in Central London

    many thanks @princessfiona, that is a very kind offer. We have already arranged for DPD to collect it tomorrow and he should have it back by Thursday 👍
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