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EFL hang your head in shame!

Forgetting Charlton at the moment under Roland...

They’ve allowed Steven Dale to purchase Bury when he liquidated a lot of companies and now because of their incompetency they’ve taken the decision to expell Bury from the football League.

I feel so angry right now and I can’t imagine how I’d feel if Charlton were in the same position as Bolton and Bury but something needs to change otherwise other clubs will follow suit.


  • Aussies tried to buy us and the EFL were unhappy with  2 of the potential investors. Dale walks in scott free. 
  • Not fit for purpose. Clueless suited committee clowns.

  • I am so so angry right now and tearful for them. Those memories of going to Gigg Lane seeing Dean Kiely play for the 1st time against us in that 0-0 draw. I am so sad. Tearful 
  • How can you let someone buy a football club for a £1 and not have their finances checked? 
  • It's not just Steve Dale' fault though. They were in trouble long before him. 

    Not defending the EFL, they are not fit for purpose but they felt they had little choice but to let Dale take over. Like Bolton, this isn't just one person's fault. 
  • Sickening.
  • Just listening to that Bury lass on Talksport heartbroken got me. She is so angry with EFL, and also the previous owner for racking up ridiculous debts.
  • Enjoyed a trip to Gigg Lane. I think it must be the only time I've been able to easier find a parking spot in the shadow of the stand half an hour before kickoff. Must have been around 2000 there for a Saturday game. It still felt like proper football and that season under Powell, is still one of the best as a travelling Charlton fan. I just hope they can come back, but looking at what has happened to other clubs that have dropped out of the league, Chesterfield, Stockport show no sign of coming back. As much as I hate what Roland has done to us as fans, we still have a club to follow. I remember crying into my pillow as a 12 year-old in 1984, then hearing at 11th hour we'd been saved. The importance of a football club is so much more than results or trophies. A very sad day today may be the first of many I fear. 
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    Rudders22 said:
    Aussies tried to buy us and the EFL were unhappy with  2 of the potential investors. Dale walks in scott free. 
    In fairness one was Ned Kelly.
  • Woken up to the sad news this morning that the self-centered TWATS at the EFL have pulled the plug on Bury, also read that Sanchez is moving on loan from Utd to Inter with both clubs sharing his reported £500k A WEEK between them. Listening to last night news at 10, Bury needed £3m to survive and hopefully stabilise, or put another way, just 6 weeks of Sanchez's salary......there is something fundamentally wrong with the way football money is distributed between the Prem and the rest of the clubs.
    This needs an urgent review, especially when it was also shown on the news last night that 12 clubs in the PL last season MADE £304 million in profit between them, with Sky contributing £5 billion for PL TV rights for next 3 years; the other 72 clubs made a joint LOSS of£340 million; Sky contributes just £500 million for all EFL clubs TV rights across 6 years, in other words just over £1 million (if it was shared equally, which it is not) per EFL club per season and......and £8 million each for the 20 PL clubs per season (again if it was shared equally).
    Sadly, unless there is a shift in finance distribution, more clubs will go bust, while the big clubs in this country just get richer.
    One final point - Sky's countdown clock yesterday was just disgusting and ill-thought and shows how much they really don't care - unless its the PL!
    Whilst i agree with some of the points you've made, you can't blame the premier league for Bury going bust.

    It's been pretty well documented that Bury gave expensive contracts to players they couldn't afford. It's how they got promotion last season! That isn't the premier league's fault.

    Plenty of other clubs who are a similar size or even smaller than Bury manage to get by. But if you go handing out ridiculous contracts to players when you get crowds of 4k then the figures simply aren't going to add up unless you are Salford.

    It was only 2 years ago that Bury signed Jermaine Beckford ahead of championship clubs. That same summer they signed Dawson from Scunthorpe who was their POTY and also signed Chris Maguire from Oxford who had been one of the best players in league one the season before. Did no one at the time wonder how on earth they were paying these salaries?
  • Be good if we can try and keep the debate on the on clubs in trouble thread, cheers
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