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Charlton fan on Hard Rock Hell Radio

One for the fans of "heavier" music on here:

Posting a little belatedly, BUT, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the warm-up episode of a new football themed radio show/podcast.
The show is hosted by Rock DJ (& Fulham fan) Alex Irons.
We discussed the EFL season ahead and I waffled on a fair amount about Charlton.
It's already quite amusing to listen back in hindsight after the first 2 games & the end of the transfer window (this was recorded a few days before a ball was even kicked).

I will likely be asked to go back on for a mid-season progress report so will update this thread more promptly when that comes around!

The show is called "Guitar stands for Goalposts" and currently broadcasts at 10am every Saturday.



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