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How many points do you usually need in the championship to be considered "safe"



  • We need 42 points from 42 games in order to most likely be safe.

    Then we just need Roland to get the F out and Bowyer given a decent 3+ year deal.

    Taylor needs a 2 year 20k a week deal. He's an on form point adding goal machine that just can't leave. It would be suicide if he goes in January.

    I think at least one of those things will happen....

    Charlton, please don't break our heart.

    We've come so far through and past a rough time....and we've got engaged.

    At least turn up to the wedding.
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    Had a chat with Keith Peacock yesterday about this very subject ( he knew my son's  friend well) and we both said if we draw the rest of our games we are on 50 points and safe ! The Charlton invincibles has a certain ring to it.

  • The old adage ...... you need 1 more point than the team which finishes 22nd.

  • Good chance we’ll lose Taylor in January who won’t be easy to replace. There is also a fair chance that we might lose a couple of loans. I’m sure Bowyer and Gallen will be very aware of that kind of possibility. Too much squad disruption might cause real problems at the business end of the season. I would imagine that the two WBA lads are most in danger of being recalled especially if Albion aren’t sitting pretty or we are a major rival. 
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