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British Premiership Managers

Almost half the manager in the Prem are British, only a few years ago we complained there were hardly any

Villa - Dean Smith
Bournemouth - Howe
Brighton - Potter
Burnley - Dyche
Chelsea - Lampard
Palace - Hodgson
Leicester - Rodgers
Newcastle - Bruce
Sheff Utd - Wilder

Is that a change in attitudes or just a coincidence?  People argued our managers weren't as good as the foreign ones and we didn't have as many professional coaches


  • Bar chelsea that's more or less the bottom half of prem, don't think it says much yet other than the fact the British managers may work better with tighter budgets and have an inkling of the British players needed to to survive. 
  • Certainly nice as got to remember that neither Potter or Lampard have gone into the Premier League with promoted clubs

    Seems to be a boring argument from fans these days that a Manager has to have won promotion to the Premier League to manage another club or they have to have won something to manage one of the better teams!!

    Especially hoping that Graham Potter does well, not just because its Brighton
  • 'premiership'.....argh 🤯

    its been 12 years :wink:
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