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Yann Kermorgant - Lyle Taylor?......Roland

Strong work rate. Important goals. Fans favourite. Good attitude. Reliable centre forward. Loves the club. Good professional.

Roland. The self serving, self important 70+ year old obstacle of hatred and dissapointment. 

In 2014. Almost as soon as he arrived.

He instantly decided to stick the knife in and twist it.
We let go of Yann Kermorgant....even though he wanted to stay...but he got offered an embarrassing and rediculous contract. Yann, understandably, decided to sign for Bournemouth.

He knew something was wrong with Meire and Roland. They got they pushed him out.

Unfortunately, Powell had no control over that situation.

The early warning signs were there.

Roland is an old mess of a person. He definitely has a personality disorder of some kind.

This particular disorder is new. 

"Extremely pathetic p**ck disorder" 

This disorder has a similarity to Narcissistic personality disorder.

The main difference being, is that the person is not considered to be a victim who struggles with internal they punish other people as an unfortunate defence mechanism

They are just an unnecessary pain. They get in the way. They enjoy ruining things.

Sometimes, they have yellow teeth.

They are the gutter bird. The pest. The public irritant.

They often use the verbal expression "huh".

 They often blame everyone else for whatever mistake that they are likely to make on a daily basis.

They often pursue things that they are not actually interested in....for reason, unknown.

An individual with EPPD, may say something strange, like...

"I really really hate fishing".....but you will then notice that the individual has maybe just purchased 5 fishing rods.

He then dives head 1st into a lake and tries to grab a fish with his hand.

Due to the unsuccessful nature of this action. He then demands the lakes fish... to buy the rods off of him. 


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Roland Out!