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Together for Ten - Charity Walk

Hi everyone

Together with my millwall supporting mate, Danny Poore, I am organising a charitable walk in memory of Rob Knox (charlton fan who was murdered) and Jimmy Mizen (millwall fan who was murdered). We are calling it Together for Ten (Charlton and Millwall fans together for 10 miles).

The walk is going to take place on the day of the Millwall vs Charlton match at the Den and we will start where Rob Knox died, walking through to where Jimmy Mizen died and then through greenwich and up to the Den. This will also coincide with the annual Jimmys day at the Den. 

The aim is raise awareness of both families Chosen charities (For Jimmy and CACT) and also to challenge the sadly increasing amount of street related violence in London and across the UK. 

We are asking if any of you would be able to help us raise the profile of the campaign in anyway you can (retweeting any tweets we put out, mention the campaign on any socials or just simply make a small donation when it is fully up and running). But we would also more importantly like to get some people from on here involved in the walk and if anyone want to record a short video message that we can use in our campaign videos then that would be great. At the moment we are going to limit the walkers to about 25 from each team but this may be greater if there is enough demand and it is not likely to cause any hassle woth local council/police restrictions.

If you want futher information or want ideas on what you could say then please feel free to message me (Craig Peppiatt) or Dan Poore on here or any other socials just look for the hashtag or name togetherforten

Thanks for taking your time to read this and for any support you can give us.

Craig and Dan


  • Bump... we are close to doing the official launch for this. We are aiming to launch the end of this week. Weve had the go ahead from Millwall and both sets of parents, the socials are up and running. Just waiting for the Virgin Charity page to be set up (waiting for CACT to be accepted on it) and we are currently working on a launch video. 

    If anyone wants to be involved in the launch video please PM me. We are looking to get a wide range of fans (old/young/ kids/parents/grandparents) from both teams along woth players and staff to record a quick message just saying something along the lines of ' I am Together for Ten' or 'I am together for my/our/my kids/grandkids future'  etc. 

    Please search, follow and retweet 'TogetherforTen' on all socials

    Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for any support you can give us. 

    Craig and Danny

  • Little Bump. Everything relating to this even is now in place! The donation page is up and running and all socials are up too. Please look into this and share/retweet what you can. Really need fans to get behind this. 

    So far we have plenty of Millwall fans getting involved in the walk bit only a couple of charlton involved. 

    My mate Dan Poore will be live on the lovesportradio station tonight to discuss the event. 

    For more information please feel free to ask
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