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Jonny Williams

He’s got no hair
but we don’t care
Jonny Williams

Hope he has an absolute blinder tomorrow, would be great time for him to score his first goal for Charlton  in our 3-0 away win tomorrow,


  • LenGlover said:
    I thought the thread would say he's out for the season after being injured in training.

    Page and that Chuk bloke are already down. No surprise with Page of course but hoped we might get to see the other bloke...
    He and Williams were the best in our colours against Villa.
  • Jonny was a bad boy. Jonny was a bad boy.
  • Jonny 
    Remember Me
  • Jonny too bad
  • Jonny too bad

    Walking down Floyd Road
    With an transfer request in your hand,
    Jonny too bad, that's what they say
    Walking down Floyd Road
    With a shoulder sore,
    Jonny too bad, Jonny too bad
    Don't you play come faking,
    You're looking and mistaking,
    Too bad
    You're passing and you're shooting,
    You're losing, told you,
    You're too bad
    Just one of these days,
    You're going to make Roland cry:
    Ooh, Jonny too bad
    One of these days,
    You're going to make Murray cry,
    Cause Jonny, you're so bad,
    That's what they tell me about you
    With you dribbling and tackling
    Knees a twitching,
    Too bad
    Oh I told you, yes you did it,
    Don't you, I told you, too bad
    That's what they say about you

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Roland Out!