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Somme Trip Walter Tull

We made this film in 2008 about Walter Tull. At the time his story was completely unknown. It was frustrating that this was the case and that schools would focus on figures like Martin Luther King for Black History month when they had a black British hero with an incredible story.


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    Just watched a drama and now watching a documentary about Walter Tull's life.

    I had heard of him previously but had no idea that he had been recommended for a Military Cross but never received it either actually or posthumously (he was killed in action on 25 March 1918).

    A disgraceful omission.

    RIP Walter.
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    All the kids learn about him at my children's primary school. Although his body wasn't recovered from the Somme he does have a gravestone in Cheriton Road Cemetery which I walk past most days. 
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    edited November 2020
    His name is also on the Arras Memorial. Handsome chap.

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