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Using your phone at the urinal



  • If your drinking fosters, throwing it down a urinal saves alot of time. 
    Not digging you out smudge, more of a general observation, but always find it peculiar when people care what others drink in a pub. You don't give a shit what someone on another table orders in a restaurant, whys a boozer any different.
    Tbf he does have a point with Fosters.
  • any chump seen with his phone out in the gents marks himself out as a perv to be mocked shunned and pointed at.
    Using a kindle type ap sitting in the privacy of the crapper is completely fine, means nobody gets to see your choice of literature.  Your device needs to be safely tucked away in a pocket before exiting said cubicle if you are to avoid the above prescribed vilification for desporting a photo apparatus in the gents, no excuses, no exceptions, no sympathy, no presumption of innocence.  
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    If you're drinking fosters, throwing it down a urinal saves a lot of time.   tsk tsk
    Epicurean standards should always be dispensed with grammatical precision.
  • se7oaks said:
    You get to certain age and taking a leak can involve anything up to 5 minutes including drip dry. A sit down wee kills 2 birds with 1 stone, both hands on the phone while the old chap does its thing. 

    You're not selling me on the golden years there. 
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