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Dennis McDermott Memorial Trophy

My wife recently discovered a thread on CharltonLife and I can fill in all the blanks about how the Dennis  McDermott (DJM) memorial Trophy came into being, so here goes:-

Dad's ashes were scattered at the Valley around the halfway line in late 1996 by me, my Mum and my 2 younger brothers. The halfway line was his location of choice as a spectator on the terraces prior to watching from the Bartram Lounge. 

Dad was born in Catford, and was a lifelong supporter. He was evacuated to Huddersfeild during the war, and went on to become an accountant living in north Kent from the early 1960's, and then Surrey from Apr 1978.

During Charlton's difficult financial period in the 1980's he volunteered his accounting expertise for free to help the club, as he too had periods out of work during the recession of the early 1980's, and gave financial support from time to time when he could after setting up his own accountancy practice in the mid 1980's. He gained a lot of friends and aquaintances associated with the club during that period. 

When the Charlton's circumstances improved he attended home games, most weeks and could be found in the Bartram Lounge. 

As the post has already established, he was taken ill while at a home game in Oct 1996, soon after returning from a holiday in America with my Mum and the ailment he had was established as a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) probably due to the long flight, but before the condition was widely understood. While being diagnosed in the days after hospitalisation his condition rapidly detiorated one night and he died very suddenly aged 62. 

The club wanted to show it's appreciation for his help over the years, and suggested the trophy was created presentation to the most promissing new apprentice player at the end of each season.

I don't know if it still gets presented, but I'd like to think it does, and I attach a photo of my Dad from August 1996 just before his fateful holiday trip to the USA. 

Please let me know if the memorial trophy does still get presented, and if not, I hope the club might consider reinstating it in loving memory of my Dad.

Up the Addicks,



  • Dennis McDermott
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    Recognise Dennis and can remember speaking to him and saying Hi on the odd occasion but more than that I didn’t have close contact with him, though he was a known face around the place on match days.
    Sounds like a good down to earth solid Addick from your description. 

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    Thanks Tim for sharing your father's story with us.

    Here's the thread about the trophy we found in the Museum.

    It's not currently being used but perhaps it could be in the future.

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