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How red/sunburnt did you get today?

a little light evening discussion for you to share how red we all got today.  Went to the beach and thought I was playing the clever dick as only got back from Croatia 2 weeks ago.  Thought what was left of my tan would stand me in good stead.  Nope.  Gone back to my good old lobster like complexion like I always do in the sun 


  • I find that using suncream helps. 
  • I did apply sun cream twice today, but have been doing a fair bit in the garden all afternoon so expect to probably get burnt a bit. I did however have approx. 9 cans of Stella which normally helps with changing my skin colour 
  • Not as red as that bloke fighting Captain America on Channel 4 at the moment!
  • Red nose and red arms - forgot the sun cream.
  • Factor 50 didn’t save me today. Too long floating on me lilo
  • The state of loads of 'em down the beach at 5pm today they are going to be climbing the walls and red raw by now!

    Hate sunburn. 
  • I had my "caught out by the sun" moment at the England S Africa cricket match last month. Having gone through the sunburn then, I'm now set for the summer!
  • I’m down in Weymouth for a week. Cooler than in London but still gorgeous, sunny with a nice breeze. A few sprays of factor 20 and all was well. 
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  • I had a vest top on for the first hour, and that was all it took. A few ice cold Desperadoes ensured that I was in the garden much longer than I should have been. When I went in for a shower, I looked in the mirror and there it was ...... vest shaped sunburn. Again!!!
  • 41 degrees here in Turkey.
    The words Bronze Adonis spring to mind.
  • It was so hot last night that I got 3rd degree burns getting into bed. 
  • First full day by the pool in Palma and pink is quickly becoming lobster (Scottish genes at play). Whereas Mrs M is already golden brown.

    The gin and tonic is flowing nicely though!
  • Being a slaphead, I'm always careful in the sun. Was in the garden all day yesterday as we had people over for a bbq but managed to avoid getting burnt.

    Didn't avoid getting drunk though so my head's pounding a bit this morning.

  • I always sit in the shade, absolutely hate the feeling of sun kissed skin let alone burnt skin.
    Bloody stupid thing to lay out in the sun and toast.
  • My son was in Belfast with the Upbeats, Wednesday to Friday,  standing in the sun and involved with a game with the coaches. Came home looking like a lobster and walking like John Wayne  because his legs were so burnt. Upbeats did well by the way. 72 teams involved in this annual pan disability tournament 

  • That’s liking the bit about the upbeats pal, not that your lad got burnt ;-) 
  • I need to be careful these days.  After years of cycling and running in the sun, I've got pretty bad skin pigmentation damage on my forehead and the top of my head so there's a sunblock spray by the front door and I have to put it on every day when I go out, even before coming to work.  
  • JohnBoyUK said:
    I need to be careful these days.  After years of cycling and running in the sun, I've got pretty bad skin pigmentation damage on my forehead and the top of my head so there's a sunblock spray by the front door and I have to put it on every day when I go out, even before coming to work.  

    Burnt my arm about 20 years ago in a DIY accident, can't be in the sun for 5 mins before it starts to go red, sun block or factor 50 for me.
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  • Here in France it hit 43 degrees for the last 3 days so not even been out in it. Too dangerous.
  • First properly sunny warm day of the summer, barely a week after the solstice, UV strength virtually the highest it can be all year.
    Pastey white northern europeans get sunburn?  FFS.  These intellectual dwarves have the vote.  Are you surprised when a dish has been in the oven for 20 minutes is too hot to pick up?
    Everybody hereabouts displaying their puce negligent idiocy is getting the piss ripped out mercilessly by the sentient adults.  Sympathy ain't gonna aid the treatment of your imminent melanoma is it? 
  • Here in France. Temp. been in the 40s. Could  only spend a few minutes in direct sunlight for many hours of the day. 
    Cooler and cloudy today but still very warm 
  • @StigThundercock has it about right we are pale people who live under clouds then we burn, actually clinically burn ourselves as soon as the sun puts his hat on. 

    This isn't helped by elf & safety making me work in PPE that turns my back and inside leg into waterfalls so I just internally cook as opposed to externally 

    Cure for sunburn is to have ten minutes of cold to tepid water running on the affected area. so that's about an hour in the cold shower for most. Natural Yogurt will just make you smell like my old housemates pants once it's been cooked by your skin and after sun is a moisturiser even after it's been in the fridge. 

    I didnt get sunburned on saturday, I put on factor 30 even being brown as a button and having the benefit of skin that has a resilience to the stuff that Britain can throw at it. Sunburn is horrible and a day sat out in it won't make you brown, it will make you cry like a baby at bedtime 

    I'm only being a bit smug, I'm offering some sensible advice too

  • Being part dago, I never burn. Tell a lie - I've burnt twice. Once was when I was piss drunk in Mexico and fell asleep in a hammock for five hours in the middle of the day. The pattern of the hammock made one side of me look like a giant edam cheese that had been wrapped in a string vest. The other time was when I was in Oz, visiting my brother and we went to the MCG for a three day game (it was the year we smashed them in the Ashes down there). Sat in the stand getting sozzled thinking we were safely under the roof without realising there was a slight gap between stands, which focused the sun, laser-like on my thigh. After two hours I got up to take a leak and my skin literally cracked - I yelped like a kicked dog. Looked like I'd been tortured by a Bond villain
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