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Charlton Summer 2019 - CONFIRMED Transfers & New Contract Signings



  • Being picky I wouldn't call Gallagher a defensive midfielder based on how he played last Saturday!
     Whilst I agree, he is listed as a defensive midfielder everywhere I've looked.
  • edited August 2019
    Just realised we can now play 11-aside in training with a CM 11 vs Attack and defence 11 with 2 subs each (admittedly they won't be cm players)

  • Probably need to switch Field and F.Caskey as well as Bonne and Hemed on the last one.
  • Pratley was extended to 2021 yesterday. Oh and Hemed needs to be 2020 or else he's out of contract already!
  • Is the contract length correct for Albie Morgan?

    Never seen it actually mentioned anywhere but worries me if it ends in the summer!!!

    Sorry but shouldnt be loaning him out if its the case, not until he re-signs
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