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Trooping The Colour

Load of old bollocks or a magnificent spectacle?

I’ll lay my colours out straight away. I am not a royalist and am a republican by nature. However I think Trooping The Colour is magnificent and something that only this country can pull off. Our armed forces are wonderful. Not the best equipped or biggest but there is none better. I’m an old cynic but watching those Guardsmen marching to The British Grenadiers brings a lump to the throat.


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    Seems to be something that comes with age. Didn’t give a shit about the Royals in my youth - now in my 50s was choked up watching Harry and Meghan’s wedding!!
  • Tend to agree. I'm one of the furthest from being a royalist and flag waving patriot, but give me a load of military marching bands and a fly past, and I'm happy.

    Wife used to work at the Royal Society which had a balcony overlooking the route... Used to go there and watch in peace! 

    Oh, and the planes normally fly over my house on the way there which is great
     Not many this year, guess they were busy with D Day
  • I have been many times to it or the rehearsals. My Dad was ex RAF and very pro military ceremony. 

    I always enjoy it.
  • When I was 4 or 5 my dad was in it. We went to the rehearsal. Thought it was wonderful especially seeing my dad riding with the Blues and Royals.

    Pity he was an abusive bastard to my mum and me. Spoilt it for me evermore.
  • Load of old bollocks AND boring. 
  • Great event.  How anyone can be small minded enough not to recognise the organisation and dedication that goes into it, well that says more about them.

    As for the Royals, love Liz and the dedication and class she has lent to the job, but the rest can go do one.
  • Uboat said:
    Load of old bollocks AND boring. 
    I know your posts are.

    Trooping of the colour is a marvellous and poignant experience and is a key element of this country's history and pageantry.

    If it kicks off at football, where are you going to head for, the red and white scarves or the blue and white ones?
  • Went last year to the Colonel's rehearsal and also last Saturday with some close friends from Charleston SC. They loved it. As a military historian (of a certain age) I love it. 
  • Every time I hear the words "trooping the colour" I can't help thinking back to an old Spitting Image sketch, where the Duke of Edinburgh berates the Queen after she forgets to do it one time......

    You had to be there. 
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