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Ubers from Wembley Stadium

Taking our boys to the Capital Radio Summertime Ball on Saturday....

Want to get an UBER home rather than have two grouchy kids getting tubes/trains at 10pm

Did anyone get one the other weekend ?

Is there a dedicated taxi/Uber pick up area or do you just order one and wait for them to find you ?



  • Order and wait. 
  • My nephew did. £80.

    I'll try and find out the details for you 
  • Got one to the ground from the Fox & Goose in Alperton.  Literally turned up within a minute.  High end Merc, very polite driver and dropped us right outside the stadium.  Very impressed.
  • Get a proper taxi!!!
  • Getting one to the stadium shouldn’t be an issue, but with the congestion outside afterwards I can see it being bit of a nightmare
  • Expect a surge of around x2.3 at a minimum.
  • Saw the thread title and thought Christ, that’s some bender!
  • I wonder if @Taxi_Lad might have a good suggestion...
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