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La Liga and Serie A UK TV rights next season

Just read these are up for negotiation again from next season. Desperately missed watching Spanish football last season. Really hope Sky or BT or even BBC or ITV show this football next season. Does anyone have any gossip about how these negotiations are going?


  • I had the Eleven Sports subscription last year which was good as you could seemingly watch any of the matches from the leagues on-demand, but apparently the buy numbers were awful so unlikely they will have it again. 
  • When Eleven Sports was having money trouble due to a lack of subscribers they offloaded Serie A coverage (along with their rights for the Dutch and Chinese leagues) to Premier Sports.
    They hoped that doing this they could afford to keep La Liga. They then had to give La Liga to Premier Sports too just a couple of weeks later.

    I believe the deal for Serie A runs with Premier Sports until 2021.
    The La Liga deal only run until the end of this season so is up for renewal.
  • Used to love Italian football on c4 back in the day.
  • There were some La Liga matches on one of the Freeview channels in the last few months, obviously nada to view.
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    There were some La Liga matches on one of the Freeview channels in the last few months, obviously nada to view.
    Free Sports

    They are the same company as Premier Sports and they put a few games on their freeview channel Free Sports.

    It was mainly Portugese matches and MLS but as you say they did have the odd Italian or spanish match.

    They normally have 3 or 4 MLS matches a week on their plus other live events like the Toulon Tournement at the moment.

    Its a very good channel

    Channel 64 on freeview
  • The La Liga content that was on freeview was a separate deal with ITV4.
  • Goooooooaaaal Laaaaaaaazioooo
    I found out about a year ago that it’s actually “Goallazo” (probably spelled that wrong) which is Italian for “amazing goal”, sheer coincidence that it sounded like “Lazio” and Gascoigne had just moved there
  • Hopefully sky get Spanish football back again.
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    I believe golazo is Spanish for amazing goal

    But it was made to sound more like Go Lazio because of Gazza


    In a 2007 interview with the Observer, James Richardson, who presented Football Italia, revealed that the sound of Altafini's cry was altered slightly in order to make it sound like 'go Lazio', which was a deliberate nod to the team England international Paul Gascoigne played for at the time.

    "For years I told people it was golazo - which means what an amazing goal," explained Richardson. 

    "But then I heard Steve De Berry who'd produced the music for the show say he'd wanted it to sound like 'go Lazio' because of Paul Gascoigne presenting it and so had added a twist to the soundbite.

    "It became the signature sound of Italian football for a generation of English fans. It also took me more than a season to realise why the show was called 'Gazzetta', and it was again because of Gazza (Gascoigne)."

  • ITV have announced they will broadcast three La Liga matches live on ITV4 at the start of the new season.

    The broadcaster showed live top-flight Spanish matches at the end of last season after previous rights holders Eleven Sports cut short their agreement.

    ITV will also show weekly La Liga highlights throughout the season on both ITV and ITV4.

    Live coverage begins with Barcelona's trip to Athletic Bilbao on Friday.

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