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Playoff final ‘19 ‘dvd’ idea



  • BFG94 said:
    Taking away the play-off semis and final, what would be your highlights of the season? Last couple of minutes of Accrington at home? Pick of Lyle's goals? Anything else?
    From another thread, the Sarr tackle, his dealing with the 3vs1, his cameos as a left winger in the box.  Some of Dillon's saves and Albie's through balls.  Lyle out wide, Aribos telescopic legs and passes. Plenty out there.
  • It's not rocket science. Just the season's highlights with the last 10--15 minutes or so on the play-off semi finals and the Wembley game. Could the problem be one of copyright or that the club just can't be arsed?

    Extended highlights of 10 key games from last season now available for free on the official website...
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