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Happy 40th @CAFCBourne

happy birthday @CAFCBourne hope you have a lovely birthday mate. 40 is old.

talking of old, happy birthday to @Nicholas
@Oggy Red and @Ashers who also share this birthday, and at a much younger level, myself to balance the ages out a bit.

have a good day all


  • Cheers Mate. Happy birthday to you to @AFKABartram
  • Happy birthday to you all

    glad Charlton set up the a great week for you all 
  • Happy birthday to cafcbourne, afkabartram and all those sharing birthdays today, have a great day.
  • Bloody whipper snapper!

    Many happy returns.
  • Happy birthday all. Quite a few of us seem to share a birthday today. I don't know CAFCBourne but looking at the picture he posted on the Wembley photos thread it seems he was immediately in front of us on Sunday!
  • Many happy returns. 
  • Happy Birthday to all us 29ths!

    Tell us if it's your birthday today, so we can send our best wishes.

    What a birthday present we had winning at Wembley!

  • Cheers for the birthday wishes happy birthday all the 29 ths was more than celebrated on Sunday
  • Happy birthday all.

  • Happy Birthday dudes
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  • Nicholas said:
    Cheers Mate. Happy birthday to you to @AFKABartram
    I've been awaiting Oohaah, but he's on holiday. So I'll stand in for him.
    Happy 50th Nick :wink:
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