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Wembley bag policy



  • Surprisingly easy for us. We had an exemption certificate for medication and an oversized bag. But the certificate never needed to be shown, stewards trusted that we had one. We had a 22 month old not requiring a ticket (under 2s admitted free) but we were never asked to prove age. I suspect we could have encountered different stewards and had a different experience.
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    Took a small (<A4) carrier bag with some drinks and snacks for my lad. Put it inside a larger carrier bag with other stuff in it and then walked straight past 2 bag checks carrying both bags and without any questions or searches!
  • Spotted Seb Lewis on the DLR at 1030 p.m. - with the trademark rucksack that goes with him everywhere.  How did he smuggle that in to Wembley?
  • MrOneLung said:
    For those who took bags, were they strict on size? 
    It was all a bit of a farce really. We battled through the thousands of the great unwashed on Wembley way and wife got stopped with a carrier bag at the bottom of the slope up to the stadium. Carrying a kid, we then had to empty the whole bag out and carry the items in our hands all the while Sunderland blokes are walking past with carrier bags full of beer cans. Compete waste of time and aggro. Put everything back in the carrier about 20 yards on
    Did seem odd it's like they have to stop someone to kind of justify their jobs.
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