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Urgent question re tickets

Urgent Question, I've just purchased 4 tickets online but I've just realised my membership details are for my old address as I've recently moved! Tried to phone the club but lines are of course busy!  As i've only just purchased them, if I change my address on the system now will they go to my new address, or do I need to contact the post office to redirect??

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  • Change details quickly.

    Do not panic! If you don’t get them, follow the instructions at the bottom of the confirmation email and contact the Charlton ticket office who will arrange for duplicates to be picked up at Wembley.

    In the meantime, if you go onto the CAFC website they gave out an email address if you have a problem, which will be better than trying to telephone. They maybe able to sort out and confirm how it will work for you.

    Good luck.
  • We changed our details shortly after ordering the play off tickets.....our address was 10 years out of date and we had emigrated was all good though.
  • Ok great. I've changed my details & I'll enail the club as a precautionary measure too.

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