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Sheffield United in Trouble

So it's being investigated that Sheffield Utd took a loan from the well known lender of money the Bin Laden family


  • Rob7Lee said:
    So RD congratulates Sheff U...... says it could of been us in a round about way ....... then turns out some funding, allegedly, was from a slightly harder than soft terrorist ...... hhmmmmm
    Yes.  I thought our very own Belgian Forest Gump might have a tenuous grip on the concept of terrorism...
  • Osama Bin Laden was an Arsenal fan anyway
  • The family used to control the Bin Laden Group.

    Bin Laden Group are a seriously big Saudi (mostly Civil Engineering & construction) company, one of many that were threatened financially by the Kingdom's recent unwillingness to pay for work when oil prices fell, and subsequently effectively taken over by the Saudi Ministry of Finance (which, IMHO, says more about Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's desire to grab power and wealth to himself and his cronies than anything else).

    There was a significant amount of money involved in the transfer of part ownership.  

    It's about as controversial as sponsorship from Bayer, Hugo Boss, Ford, etc. (possibly less, as there is no evidence of the Saudis having profited in the German slave labour-based economy of c1935-1945). 
  • They'll come good.
  • Greenie said:
    They'll come good.
    They have come good, this is just a blip that will get sorted.
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  • There's a blinding documentary on Netshit at the moment about Hitler's nephew. 
  • At least OBL would pass the fit and proper test
  • They’re massive.
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