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A Message for Roland



  • There you are it's EASIER than you could ever have imagined - the simple formula for a successful football club is to put knowledgeable and passionate people in charge who REALLY care about our football club, who understand the people and community that it represents (all levels of management need upgrading now Roland not just Bowyer, Jackson, Gallen & Avory etc. and you will be on course for a spell of continued and lasting success). Add some real quality to the playing staff with a better than average budget for the league that you are playing in, get them playing good attacking and attractive football and the hoards of fans (that will be there tomorrow evening and more that won't) will come back in their droves. The great feelings of success emanating from within the club combined with both the playing side and that from the vinegar pissers on the terraces will snowball.
     If the boys are successful and earn a much deserved (on their part) promotion, it then needs the right INVESTMENT, BELIEF, TRUST and LOYALTY to all involved and you might just be able to leave on a positive note if you are to hang around for another season (you might even be able to sell he club for a decent price).

    Your previous ideologies have failed miserably, but the recipe for success is there for all to see - now its up to YOU - do not balls it up from here, you've been lucky  that the class of 2019 have given you an opportunity.

    Yours Sincerely
    No.1 in South London
    God I ain't reading all that. My message to Roland is considerably shorter. Two words in fact. I'll let you guess them.
  • Roland's response is quite clear "NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO"

    INVESTMENT, BELIEF, TRUST and LOYALTY ? - He just doesn't do these, clearly!!
  • How can you be a successful businessman if you don't invest?
  • How can you be a successful businessman if you don't invest?
    You can't, which is why he isn't a successful businessman at Charlton.
  • hes a parasite that needs dealing with - the constant blame of the efl, the slagging off of other clubs, the constant bollocks we are given. 

    i would personally like to waterbomb in leffe - dont like the stuff so it can be wasted on him. 
  • He is a liar. He sits down and looks at his situation and then constructs a scenario around it. We wasted our fair share of transfer fees when he took over - it was just he had poor advisers he relied on. Ok, his network plan failed, but it hasn't just failed in this country. The biggest lie is the amount he is asking for the club makes no difference. We all know that is not the case.
  • So basically Rolands saying quit moaning, and thank your lucky stars the players are getting paid, unlike Bolton.

    Just when you need your owner to step up and show some balls, he shoots him in the duck taped foot.
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Roland Out!