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"What could possibly go wrong now"



  • Despite the 101 things that can go wrong, there are 101 things that can go right, so let this be The Night when we get the rub of the green and we find our A GAME.

  • We’re in the final , I’ve been saying it for ages , we will lose the final that’s the problem 
    I love this over confidence, completely lacking confidence approach. Doncaster have already outplayed Pompey & Sunderland in the play offs so far, so what makes you think we won't beat Sunderland?
  • I've just parked up next to the Valley Cafe on Delafield Road. It's the exact same spot I used when we lost 3-0 to Ascoli in the AIC.
  • Looking at the season, the only team to beat us in the return game where we beat them first was Barnsley. So if we won the first game, we either won or drew the return. Either of which will do tonight.
  • We get promoted and Roland ups his price to £100M.
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Roland Out!