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Thaksin Shinawatra and Crystal Palace

Lots of talk in the Thai press and on TV that Thaksin is preparing a bid for Crystal Palace.

He may be wanted on several corruption charges in Thailand and he's been sentenced to jail in absentia but he'll never spend any time in a Thai jail or even Thai Courts and he is still seriously loaded and needs a hobby.

Whether he will pass the fit and proper test for the EPL I don't know but I reckon it's quite likely that he will, given the nature of some of the owners.

Shame he's chosen the wrong South London team to take an interest in. Despite the above, and remember he is basically an enemy of the Military and the Elite in Thailand, I'd welcome him as Charlton's owner if the current deal doesn't go through. I'm sure he'd spend more than 2% of his time on the club and as he spends much of his time in the UK he'd actually watch some games.


  • That Kim fella, with the dodgy haircut, in North Korea has a few quid, I'm also not too bothered about his past history as long as hes loaded, perhaps he fancies a nice club near central london, with plenty of room in the car park for a few missiles.
  • One things for sure, he'll do it hith way
  • Sven Goran Eriksson said of Shinawatra "he didn't understand football – he hadn't a clue."

  • And Roland does?
  • Shinawatra.  No thanks.  Palace are welcome to him.  Hopefully he buys them and then has all of his accounts frozen by the SFO and they collapse into administration.  As soft as the suitable owners test is I would be amazed if corruption charges, still outstanding i assume as he did a runner, do not stop this.
    Be serious, this is Palace - those bastards always worm their way out of Administration etc.!!
  • a total wrong un .. so probably just the type to pass the 'fit n proper' test
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