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Today was supposed to be the calm before the storm but anyone caught in the downpours will hope it’s the other way round. 

With the season ‘finished’ the lottery of the Play Offs are upon us. A series of games that can thrill, agonise, bring out the best but also bring out the worst. A few thoughts before they commence. 

What we have learnt through the season is that Charlton are by no means a one man team and have quality all over the park. Issues anywhere else can be addressed, but directly or indirectly Lyle Taylor is absolutely vital to the outcome of this season.

With Igor injured, a 451 with Parker playing as a sole striker just wouldn’t be enough for these games. It’s imperative that Taylor stays on the pitch for these remaining games. One bad tackle, muscle pull or act of petulance could derail everything. 

It’s difficult to know whether to be offensive or defensive in the first leg of these games. You head says “keep it tight, get us back to The Valley”. We are VERY strong at The Valley and we have the belief to beat anyone there and our key players thrive there. 

But if we have any weaknesses then it’s keeping it tight away from home. We’ve kept just 3 clean sheets away this season and conceded 2 goals or more in 11 of the 23 games. We can’t do that tomorrow. So is our best way of playing to be offensive? To drive Aribo, Bielik, Cullen, Williams / Morgan forward and play with pace through Taylor / Parker?

Who knows, that’s where the manager earns his money. And what a job Lee Bowyer has done, whatever the outcome. He should look at the 3,800 away support tomorrow and a full Valley on Friday with a huge sense of pride and self achievement. Because he has played a huge part in why Charlton fans feel energised about their club again.

It may all be a false dawn. We might flop here, Roland cocks up Bowyer’s contract, doesn’t sell the club and we start next season in L1 with a new cheap manager and an even cheaper squad.

But we might not. Don’t shout it because that will jinx it, but most of us are thinking it. This could just be the start of something good for our football club again. Something not many of us thought might happen. This could be a rebirth, a fresh start with a massive momentum wanting to be rode.

And that’s exciting. 

That’s why the butterflies are in the stomach now when they were not for the play offs last season.   Charlton Athletic could well be on the way back. 

And no one deserves that more than our fans.

Come on lads. Step up. Live for these moments and deliver. We’ll be roaring you on all the way like we have every game this season. 

Come on you Addicks!!


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    Absolutely 100% amen to that! Whatever happens over the next two games (and hopefully three) I will certainly think the Bowyer and the team have done a magnificent job this season and given us all a sense of worth as a club again, despite all of Duchaelet's actions or misdirection. Let's hope it is a kick start to a new era rather than the last bright burst of a dying star.

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    We have the players to take us up unlike last year so it’s s golden opportunity. Let’s hope we can grab the game by the balls tomorrow.
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    It’s always been my fear in these play offs . Lose Taylor to Injury or a sending off and we are basically buggered . 
    Keep him on the pitch and we go up in my opinion. Fine margins . 

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    edited May 2019
    Can see you in a bowler hat and big cigar writing that Opening post mate.  Here’s hoping. Watching Sunderland v Portsmouth and I’ve seen nothing to fear. 
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    Taylor seems to have become calmer since the suspension, and doing the damage by scoring and making goals.
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    Taylor seems to have become calmer since the suspension, and doing the damage by scoring and making goals.
    I still always have a fear he’ll got caught up in some nonsense with the ref
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    I also feel the importance of Aribo stays fit. He is also our key man. 
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    Great words mate 
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    DIdnt even mention my charity work, mate
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    So Lyle is ‘H’ ?
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    Lyle did his duty today.
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    Barvellous mate!
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