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Beat The Bookie 2018/19 - Week 35 results & end of season number crunching

5 out of 70 lifers got a return on their virtual tenner in week 35, the final week of the competition.
Wins for Norwich (2.70), Ipswich (5.00) and Derby (2.25) sees @Nicholas return £305.75 and is this weeks winner.
@Cardinal Sin and @Alex Wright  also returned healthy treble figure returns.
No surprise that nobody managed to overhaul long time leader @Addickted2TheReds who is this seasons winner.
Collectively we would be £3,206.84 up for the season if we laid with a real bookie with 47 lifers showing an actual profit.
100 lifers managed 500 returns from 2952 bets with 43 lifers entering every week.
@Addickted2TheReds also had the biggest single return of £641.25 but others (too many to list) also had some very decent weeks.
Along with @foresthillred they also had most treble figure returns (4).
@Chippycafc (19) pipped @Redmidland (18) with most returns including a 10 week winning streak.
@theeenorth had the most entries (25) without bagging a return.
Not sure what happened to @The Red Robin They started with 4 returns out of 4 and then stopped. Hope they are ok.
I hope some had success with real bookies along the way.
Hopefully be back next season. Let me know any suggestions on how the competition can improve.



  • Excellent as it is pbs, and thanks for organising.
  • Thanks pbs a great effort once again.
  • Can't believe my entry was missed this week - I know I typed one up, but must have messed up pressing the 'post comment' button. No idea who I had anyway.

    Mamy thanks for doing this, @paulbaconsarnie, it's an enjoyable part of my Saturday morning routine.
  • Many thanks pbs. Please carry on next season. Virtual betting is good fun and it is good to have a league table.
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    Cheers for doing this @paulbaconsarnie
    iys been good fun and a salutary lesson about how betting is ultimately bad for you unless you’re a lucky bugger!  Funny I’ve come 11th in the prediction league but virtually last in this. Ho hum 
  • @paulbaconsarnie
    legend for doing this again
  • Thanks for organising @paulbaconsarnie

    well done @Addickted2TheReds . I couldn’t get that one big win to catch you but I’m happy with 2nd .
  • Thanks for organising @paulbaconsarnie

    Good fun.
  • Can’t imagine how hard this is to run. 

    Congratulations to the surrey fan. 
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  • Champions League spot.  Happy.   Thanks very much @paulbaconsarnie
  • Does anyone do their beat the bookies bet in the real bookies ??
  • thanks for organising, pretty happy with where i ended up.  
  • MrOneLung said:
    Can’t imagine how hard this is to run. 

    Congratulations to the surrey fan. 
    Takes about half hour on a Tuesday to work out bets and screenshot etc.
    and about an hour over the weekend populating selections so it’s easy to strike a line through losing bets.
    am only using excel on iPad, which has limitations but does the job.
    most, if not all mistakes are me missing someones post, copying it wrong or having a mindf+ck and getting a result wrong.
  • Cheers for doing this again Mr.bacon sarnie.
    Much appreciated. 
  • Thanks a lot PBS , it's really good fun 
  • Brilliant work all season @paulbaconsarnie . My long shots missed out this year, but I thoroughly enjoyed this game and hope you are able to run it again next season. Cheers!

  • paulbaconsarnie 

    Thank you very much for running this, it must take a lot of work! Much appreciated

    I have had a great season betting wise but here I must have not had a return for about the last 20 :( thought it was going to be easy early on. Onto next year I shall be  involved If its not too much trouble and it runs again.

    Well impressed someone got 10 in a row, hope he backed it in some way or another!

  • well done for organising this @paulbaconsarnie, I look forward to it each week no matter where I am in the world. Congrats also to @Chippycafc on pipping me to the post on the most returns.
    looking forward to playing again next season.
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  • Thank you for organising, I enjoy this every week. Have a good summer
  • Top man, as said already look forward to making and checking my selections on "Beat the Bookie".  Your efforts in putting this together and running it every week greatly appreciated. 
  • edited May 2019
    Congratulations @Addickted2TheReds for a somewhat comprehensive win.

    Thanks too to @paulbaconsarnie  for taking the time and trouble to run the comp.
  • Well done everybody and thanks for running this....
  • Great work, @paulbaconsarnie. Sadly, my early season form dipped, but at least I'm not bankrupt. Congratulations to @Addickted2TheReds.
  • Thanks @paulbaconsarnie
    I look forward to picking selections and checking results every week.
    Congratulations @Addickted2TheReds - I love the methodology you use :)  Long may you continue to profit from the results :)
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