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Norwich City promotion parade bus breaks down

Amusingly Norwich City's open top parade bus broke down so they had to swap to a sightseeing one. Quite surprised there are open top sightseeing buses around Norwich!


  • Those are so it easier to see when you have escaped the hovel.
  • should have used a tractor and trailer .. even though rivals 'Swich are the tractor boys
  • IF Cafc win at Wembley Roland Duchatelet has promised to hire 20 roller skates for the parade around Charlton.
  • Oi! You bloody heathens!

    Norwich is a fine medieval city with lots to see.
  • No surprise as I hear that Sheffield Wednesday had all the decent buses in the UK booked for their open top ride through the city to celebrate finishing 12th in The Championship.
  • As long as all this palarver don't hit the mangel-wurzel harvest...
  • edited May 2019
    Norwich and open top bus parades aren't a good mix.

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